Orange-Glazed Tempeh

Tempeh is a fermented soybean product with a somewhat nutty flavor… I love it because it’s high in protein and not overly processed. It absorbs flavors easily and this recipe is such a great marinade for tempeh! I love the idea of an orange sauce with an Asian flair. It’s best if you marinate the tempeh for at least an hour… then saute the tempeh and add the marinade until it reduces to a beautiful glaze! I love this served with a side of wild rice!

1/2 cup orange juice
1 Tblsp soy sauce or tamari
1 Tblsp brown sugar
1 tsp rice vinegar
1 tsp toasted sesame oil
1/4 tsp garlic powder
1/4 tsp ground ginger

1 Tblsp olive oil (for sauteeing)HCV_OrangeGlazedTempeh - 1 (1)

Cut slab of tempeh in quarters
Cut each quarter
lengthwise into 3 slices (12 total).
(Use a serrated knife since it’s a little crumbly.)
Arrange tempeh slices in baking pan (or other shallow dish).

Combine marinade ingredients and pour over tempeh slices in pan.
Refrigerate for at least an hour.

HCV_OrangeGlazedTempeh - 1 (3)Heat 1 Tblsp olive oil in skillet.
Add tempeh slices from marinade and brown for a few minutes on each side.
Add marinade to skillet and simmer until marinade reduces.
(The marinade should become a thick glaze)


Tempeh is delicious served with veggies or a side of rice!


HCV_OrangeGlazedTempeh - 1 (4)

White Bean, Mushroom & Kale Soup

I was trying to come up with a soup with bold, deep flavors, and this fits the bill! The combination of the white beans, mushrooms and kale lends a rustic earthiness to this soup. Plus this soup is loaded with protein, B vitamins and minerals. I used a wild rice blend in my version, but any grain (like white rice, brown rice or barley) can be substituted. Also, you can add any dried herbs that you like… Italian herbs, parsley, thyme, sage, etc instead. This recipe serves four, but can be easily doubled!

HCV_WhiteBeanAndKaleSoup - 1 (1)2 cups veggie broth + 2 cups water
2 cups cremini (babybella) mushrooms, cleaned and chopped
2 cups kale, tough stems removed, and chopped
1 can navy beans (or cannellini beans)
1/2 cup wild rice blend (or white/brown rice, or barley)
2 Tblsp tamari or soy sauce
Onion powder, garlic powder, powdered ginger
Dried herbs

HCV_WhiteBeanAndKaleSoup - 1 (2)Saute mushrooms in 1 Tblsp olive oil or vegan margarine.
Saute 5 -10 min.

Start cooking rice (or any other grain you like) according to directions.

In soup pot, add broth, water and tamari/soy sauce.
Bring to boil.
Add chopped kale.
Add navy beans.
Add sauteed mushrooms.
Add spices and herbs.
HCV_WhiteBeanAndKaleSoup - 1 (3)Simmer 10-12 min until kale is tender
Add cooked rice and adjust seasonings if necessary.
Simmer a few more min.



This soup is great served with a green salad and some crusty bread!

HCV_WhiteBeanAndKaleSoup - 1 (4)

Tofu Lettuce Wraps

These tofu lettuce wraps are as good or even better than those I’ve had in restaurants… and with much less oil and sodium! The iceberg lettuce is so fresh and crunchy, and is the perfect wrapper for the salty, earthy flavors of the filling. These always go so fast when I make them, so I need to make a double-batch next time!

TofuLettuceWraps - 11 head iceberg lettuce
1 package extra firm tofu
1 package shiitake mushrooms
1 small bunch green onions
1 small can sliced water chestnuts
2 Tblsp oil (for sauteing)

Sauce ingredients:
2 Tblsp tamari or soy sauce
2 tsp rice vinegar
1 tsp toasted sesame oil
Garlic powder, ground ginger

TofuLettuceWraps - 1 (5)First, press out as much moisture from the tofu as you can. You can put weights on top of a plate to press it, but I usually don’t have the time or patience. Instead, I slice up the block of tofu and then take about half the slices at a time and press them together with my hands over the sink or a bowl. Repeat a few times and you can press out much of the moisture. Chop tofu into small, cubed pieces.

Add 2 Tblsp of oil to a skillet (I use half olive and canola oil).
Add diced tofu.
Cook for 10 min, occasionally turning tofu. (This step should also remove moisture in the tofu)
Finely dice green onions (white and light green parts) and mushrooms.
Add to onions and mushrooms tofu and saute another 5 min.
Drain water chestnuts and chop into small pieces.
Add water chestnuts to skillet.
Mix sauce ingredients and add to skillet.TofuLettuceWraps - 1 (6)
Cook for a few more minutes and you’re done!

To make iceberg lettuce cups:
Cut or bang out core of lettuce head
Cut off end of lettuce head on core side
Run remaining head under cold water so water runs between outermost leaf and the rest of the head. This should help separate outermost leaf until it peels off. Repeat with next outermost leaf, etc.

TofuLettuceWraps - 1 (7)

Spoon filling into lettuce cups and fold over to make wraps! This recipe makes 6-8 wraps.




TofuLettuceWraps - 1 (8)Super-delicious! ENJOY!

Tempeh Bacon

If you haven’t worked with tempeh before, it may seem a little strange. It’s a soybean product (or can include other grains too) that you can usually find in the refrigerated section of grocery store next to the tofu (Lightlife is a brand that many stores carry). Tempeh comes pressed in a long flat block. It has a crumbly texture and somewhat nutty taste. It’s very versatile and will take on any flavors you cook or marinate it in, similar to the way that tofu does. One of the great things about tempeh is that one serving has 16 grams of protein! This tempeh bacon is best marinated for a few hours or even better, overnight. It’s delicious on it’s own, part of a healthy breakfast or on BLT’s (especially with avocado… BLTA’s!) It’s salty and smoky, and full of flavor!

1_ - 1 (59)


1 pkg tempeh
3 Tblsp soy sauce or tamari
2 Tblsp balsamic glaze (found near balsamic vinegar in grocery store)

1 Tblsp olive oil
1/2 tsp smoked salt (or you can add some liquid smoke)



Cut tempeh in quarters, and each quarter 1_ - 1 (62)lengthwise into 3 slices (12 total). Use a serrated knife since it’s a little crumbly.
Mix rest of ingredients for marinade
Put tempeh slices in flat pan and cover well with glaze
Marinate a few hours or overnight

Pan-fry slices in a little oil for a few min on each side.
Drain on paper towel and serve.

Asian-style Veggie and Noodle Stir-Fry

This is another easy variation of veggies and noodles with a similar Asian-style sauce. This is a great recipe for kids since almost all kids love noodles, and I like to add kid-friendly veggies. You can use Maifun rice stick noodles (found in Asian/International aisle) or angel hair pasta, and any combination of veggies will work. Another really good addition to this dish are frozen edamame soybeans. The water chestnuts add some crunch!

1_ - 1 (87)

1 pkg Maifun rick sticks (or angel hair pasta)
String beans
1 small can water chestnuts, drained

4 Tblsp soy sauce or tamari
1 Tblsp rice vinegar
1 1/2 tsp toasted sesame oil or olive oil
(Plus garlic powder & powdered ginger)


Chop veggies and boil 5-6 min until al dente, then drain.
Cook Maifun noodles in boiling water approx. 4 min.
Spray large skillet with cooking spray and stir fry veggies for a minute or two.
Add noodles and sauce and simmer a few minutes.
(Note: The Maifun noodles may need to be broken up a bit into smaller pieces)

It’s fun to eat this with chopsticks!

Asian-style Quinoa and Veggies

Here’s another one of my easy Meatless Monday ideas with only 4 main ingredients!! Quinoa with veggies and Asian-style sauce. (One serving of quinoa has 8 grams of protein! You can find it in most supermarkets, as well as Trader Joe’s) You can substitute or add other veggies as well!
1_ - 1 (85)
 1 cup uncooked quinoa, well-rinsed
 2 cups Veggie broth/water

2 Tblsp soy sauce or tamari
2 tsp rice vinegar
1 tsp toasted sesame oil (or olive oil)



Bring veg broth/water to boil.
Add quinoa, return to boil, cover and simmer 20 min until quinoa is translucent.
While quinoa is cooking, cook broccoli & mushrooms (boil, steam, stir-fry or saute) I like to boil/steam broccoli & saute mushrooms.
Mix quinoa, broccoli and mushrooms together
Mix sauce ingredients and add to mixture (plus some garlic powder and powdered ginger)

There you have it! Enjoy!